Are you ready for an electrifying season that is out of this world?

We are very excited about this season of programs at the Portsmouth Area Arts Council & Children’s Theatre. Not only will we be producing 2 shows with local student actors (Aladdin, Jr. & Dear Edwina) but we’ll have 2 main stage shows at the Vern Riffe Center for the Arts (Big Nate & Arc Attack).

The most exciting addition to our organization this year is our new theatre at 614 3rd Street in Portsmouth. This “black box” rehearsal/performance space will give us a permanent home for our Children’s Theatre members plus give us the opportunity to bring Shakespeare back this year in a more intimate setting. This will be the first (but not the last!) of shows and workshops that we will be able to offer at our own space.

Hopefully teachers will begin to see our season catalogue in their mailboxes the weeks of August 25. The public should get theirs at home in during the following week.

Here’s hoping for a great school year for all!

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